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Using technology to build better

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Brian Murray

Owner / Lead Strategist

Dave Anderson

CTO Services / Business Process Analyst / Full Stack Developer / Founder

Mark Hostettler

CTO Services / Business Process Analyst / Full Stack Developer

Chase Drath

Managed IT / Security Management

Justin Marsh

Web Design / Managed IT / Internal Operations

Natosha Daul

Web Design / Internal Operations

Nathan Otto

Web Design / Managed IT / Internal Operations

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About Us

Our Vision
To enhance the lives of our employees, our clients, our community, our vendors, and our shareholders. 

Our Mission
To use technology to build better small businesses. 

Keeping the line of communication alive is our PROMISE. 
Together with our internal team and field technicians/programmers, we strive to stay on top of current client projects, preventative maintenance schedules, and orders.

Mutual Trust
Our goal is to continue building arich network between clients, vendors, and fellow team members. We aim to establish and maintain trust for HIGH-QUALITY SERVICES  using  transparency and frequent feedback to best manage expectations and meet our client needs. 

Time is valuable, and time is money. While on a project, we continually evaluate if the current course of action is what’s best for our client and their ULTIMATE GOALS & NEEDS.  If we are on track, we continue to press on. If we can see a better route, we meet with our clients and plan a new course. 

We are committed to providing our clients with a team of knowledgeable programmers and technicians. Our team has experience in a variety of industrial backgrounds with a deep understanding of processes, systems, hardware, and software. Each client is SERVED WITH ADEDICATED TEAM MEMBER that learns every facet of their business, pulling in extra hands when necessary to get the job done.

Technology Stack

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